Insurance & ACC

Whether it is surviving the day-to-day dramas or the major disasters, the truth is:

it can happen to you

Talk with Jeff and Helen today. They will:
  • Help you make an informed choice regarding the best possible cover for your personal circumstances.
  • Provide a written recommendation for insurance cover and upon instruction from the client will place the cover with selected insurance company endeavouring to obtain favourable terms.
  • Provide you with the security of knowing what your policy covers and the level to which you are protected.
  • Talk you through the fine print, to avoid the risk of unpleasant surprises.
  • Reduce the stress around insurance claims by handling the process for you - one less thing for you to worry about.

"Do you want to deal with your late partner's widow's new husband's solicitor? Get it all tidy in advance!" says Jeff

What cover do you need?
A carefully planned portfolio of policies can provide a well-founded sense of security.

It's shocking news for a business owner or breadwinner to find that the health niggle that he or she hoped would go away is actually cancer. The cost of specialist appointments and surgery (which often costs more than most of us keep in our current accounts) is covered by Health Insurance. Convalescence keeps the patient away from work for a protracted period - but the bills are still paid because of the Income Protection Insurance and/or Mortgage Repayment Insurance. The life threatening nature of the cancer makes the return to work impossible but Trauma Insurance and/or Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance ensure the family can still operate financially. Should, tragically, cancer claim the victim, the family is able to go on because the patient took out Life Insurance.
NOW, you cannot make a decision of which one best suits based on this information alone.
If you are interested in learning more and to determine which ACC option best suits your needs, then you do need to phone Jeff.
There are ways of reducing ACC costs BUT you need to know the implications in detail as this will reduce your ACC benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much Life Insurance is enough?
    Everybody's needs are different. It can depend on lots of things. Do you have dependant family, a mortgage and/or other debt, do you have personal guarantees to the bank or creditors and a raft of other scenarios. We have included a Life Insurance calculator that you can download to make a simple assessment and/or give us a call so we can discuss the issues with you.
  • What insurance premiums are tax deductible?
    As a rule, if the premium is tax deductible, then the benefit paid is tax assessable? There are some exceptions to the rule and full discussion is required on this topic – if in doubt, talk to a tax expert.
  • I am on a limited budget what should I insure?
    Your Income. There is not much you can achieve without income!! Check out the Income Protection Calculator under the forms tab.
    Life Insurance. If you have dependants you should ensure that they are not financially disadvantaged should you die prematurely. Your life insurance should at least clear all debt, including personal guarantees (personal guarantees do not die with you) and provide on going income for a number of years into the future. (Ideally until your children are self supporting) Work your way through the Life Insurance Calculator under the forms tab.